5 reasons why you should use an animated, explainer or corporate video.

In todays world media has just exploded. Everybody is talking about themselves, their product or their service. In this competitive world if you are not putting your point across regularly, you are bound to be left out. The question is what should you choose as a medium for you to communicate with your audience. Videos are bound to be the obvious choice. But should you record yourself with your employees or get an animated video done as your corporate explainer video. Well it might depend on your choice but animated videos seem to take a lead out of the two options for corporate videos. You might ask why, well here are the top five reasons that come to our mind.

  1. Global messaging – While opting for an animated video you are confident that it is made for a global audience. It doesn’t matter what your audiences background is your point is accepted across geographies.
  2. Get’s conversion–It helps brands build trust with their target audience or consumers. With animated explainer videos the messaging can be as simple or as fun as you want it to be and can be tweaked according to your audience needs. Once the trust is made it is just a matter of time before the moment of truth or conversion. You will achieve your corporate video goals sooner then expected.
  3. Big brands trust animation- It is usually said for any field, that if you want to succeed, keep an eye on the best in the Industry and what they are doing. From Microsoft to Google to Facebook you see all these brands usinganimation explainer videos as their medium to connect with their audiences. So that does give you more clarity while making the decision for your own corporate video.
  4. Power to control in your hands–Animated explainer videos are executed in a much more controlled environment. In today’s environment. If you use HBP18 with our state of the art production quality for your animated video. You are more likely to work remotely and still have more power to control the environment and keep it socially safe for you and your employees. As there will be no, or very less interaction required outside of computers while making your corporate video. Giving you peace and keep your staff safe.
  5. Makes you build you brand economically– Today the prices of animation corporate videos have really become affordable for medium to small business. Before only big corporate giants could have thought about getting animated brand messaging. Which due to technological advancements have become much affordable for small and medium business as well. Hbp18 gives you that high quality of execution at competitive price for your brands. Giving the most ROI on their spends while building brands. Call us now
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