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Steps to know before getting your first animated video made.

Getting an animated explainer video made is exciting and yet a journey. For many professionals it may be their first time of getting their animated corporate video made. Or may be they have done it a couple of times but are not sure of what exactly is the right way as many production house or agencies might have similar yet very different work flows. But how do you decide for your medical animation video, or hr animated video or your mobile app animation video. The list can go on.

Here we will try and make it simple for you to understand the steps you can expect while getting an explainer video made in Toronto or any part of the globe. It will give you confidence and knowledge to take away any pain points. Despite of any industry you or your company belongs. So lets dive in to step one.

Step 1 Pre production – Pre production is the stage where the agency like HBP18 would assign their executive/producer to your account and he she would interact with you to understand your needs as to what exactly are you looking for. Things like duration of the video, scripting, your message etc. This is the time when the client would share what exactly he wants and ask as many questions as possible. The executive would understand the needs and explain how they would achieve clients desired results.

Step 2 Graphic visualization – Here you are introduces to frames of what your corporate explainer video will look like. It is not the complete scenario but think of it is s the blue print of how the final video would look. Here clients should voice their thoughts and observation to agency or production house like HBP18 as what is working for the client and what is not. So that correction and changes can be implemented.

Step 3 Music – If music is a part of the client’s requirements. This would be the time to add it and give the complete feel to the images that we have seen. If music or voice over is the leading factor in an corporate animated explainer video. Than this step may be put before graphic visualization step as well. That would depend on the needs of the client.

Step 4 Editing – Editing is the part where all the work that is happening individually comes together and all the parts which are working in isolation as music, graphics, animation etc. start working towards building the story that we want to tell. Client is shown the final video that is coming to tell their story.

Step 5 – The client is delivered the video in their desired formats for various platforms and is given the final file.This is done by making the same video go through various other executable file types to suit the client needs your needs.

So these are going to be the broad steps with agencies putting an extra step or taking away a step from the process to suit their working styles. But mostly that’s how the workflow is going to be. Call us now

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