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Four types of internal communication that can be done by animated videos.

There are many types of internal communications

1. Introduction & welcome videos – all companies have a protocol. Where they have similar and repetitive instructions for anybody who is understanding the companies working. In other words giving an introduction about the company. In here animated videos can you play a huge role. They can easily reduce the workload on the staff and the company resources. A good animation production company like HBP 18 can be of major use here.

2. HR and onboarding videos – when a new employee joins a company. He or she is generally given an introduction packet. It becomes a big difficult for the new hire to understand and get acclimated to the new environment with some written material. Personal on boarding is the best but has some issues. Issues like number of sessions. There is generally one or two sessions. It becomes tuff for the new employee to remember everything and probably ask everything in these limited sessions. Plus it also has costs involved for the company in terms of manpower. Videos provide best of both worlds. They are at the disposal of every employee and they could easily repeat and see the information. They need to interact with a human being only when some issues are still unresolved. Massively decreasing the pressure on resources. Some examples

  • Taxation info
  • Company guidelines
  • How-to questions

3. Security protocols – in today’s world when everybody is working digitally and becomes all the more important for companies to explain digital security and personal security protocols. Making animated videos or videos in general from a good animation studio or film production company solves the problem. As it explains all the details in a structured video format. Eliminating any confusion. It can explain the security protocols in a detailed manner and yet would always be available for employees and team members to recheck.

4. Explaining the company’s vision – It is very important for the employees to keep the company’s vision in mind when doing their work. But at times this exercise becomes boring. Animation can add elements of explanation and at the same time the element of engagement to make the same information more interesting. A lot of good animation companies like HBP 18 days out of Toronto then do the job for you. So next time you think about your internal communications and animated video becomes an obvious choice.

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