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Animation and Olympics

Animation is everywhere. Tokyo Olympics the biggest sporting event in the world is also using animation. The beauty of animation and the ease with which it can translate complex information into real-time graphics. Animations make the sporting event exciting, lets see 5 ways in which Olympics uses animation.

1. Mascot – The Olympics mascot that you see running in stadiums or before any event is designed in 2d and 3d animation tools. It brings all the sports to life and is the most important character with which everyone relates. They are designed by an animation studio something similar to the Toronto-based animation studio hbp18(hopefully in the future).

2. Event highlights – Animation is used extensively by highlighting the event that you just saw happening in front of your eyes. For eg when you see a replay, the effects that you see around the athlete is nothing but 3d asset animation being used by the Olympic s broadcast team to emphasize the technique or the marvel of human ability. By creating magic with animation. To achieve this the Olympic committee will hire an animation studio like Hbp 18 (A Toronto-based animation company) to get its job done.

3. Medal tally – All the data that you see with respect to which country won how many medals is a form of data shown to you with the use of animation to make it interesting for you to see and relate. So when you are cheering for your country or your favorite athlete do pause and appreciate the work of 3d or 2d art that is bringing you that info. I think your appreciation would be nothing less than a medal for the animator.

4. The Olympics rings – The Olympic rings that you see moving left to right on your screen. Which finally aligning in front of your eyes. After and before any event are done by animators who have worked days to bring those rings from one side to another.

5. The medals – the gold, silver, and bronze medals that you see on your screens are made by animators who have to get approvals from the Olympic committee to make sure that all imp information of the real medal is properly depicted on the graphic representation.

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